User manual and warranty

You can find the user manual and warranty conditions here:


Technical Details


Installation procedure

Fortelock tiles have to be placed in the room where they are to be installed at least 24 hours before laying in order to balance ambient temperature and temperature of the tiles and prevent tension during the installation procedure.

Fortelock tiles can be laid on almost every hard surface which is smooth and even. Any unevenness shall be evened using a self-levelling material Fornivel, and cracks and holes shall be grouted by Fortegrout.

At first, lay the whole tiles, then the cut ones.

Tile interlocks should be hammered together using a rubber mallet.

Leave a 5-mm joint around columns, racks and walls. This joint can be grouted using flexible cement or covered with a bar. A Fortelock tile can be easily cut by a saw.

Under common conditions, Fortelock floors do not need to be bonded to their subfloor. The exceptions are places where the floor is exposed to significant temperature fluctuations (for example direct sunshine) or where fork-lift stackers turn or where the floor will be exposed to humidity and water for a long time. In these areas, bond the tiles with an adhesive.

Tiles can be loosely laid in the areas where the following is used*:

Four-wheel fork-lift stackers with rubber tyres, which are not loaded more than 1,500 kg.

Three-wheel fork-lift stackers with rubber tyres with a double rear wheel, which are not loaded more than 1,000 kg.

Pallet-trucks with a total weight, load included, not exceeding 1,500 kg.

*where there are uneven surfaces, the load can be lower


Cleaning, using and maintenance

Cleaning should be done using a cleaning device with a PVC rotary brush or mop.


Product name

Fortelock 2010

Fortelock 2020

Fortelock 2050

Fortelock 2060

Fortelock 2015

Fortelock 2025

Product application

Industry, heavy storing

Garages, workshops, shops


Product type


Ramp and corner all in one









100 % vinyl









92 Shore A

Chemical resistance


Total thickness

7-8 mm

Surface layer thickness

7-8 mm

Abrasion resistance

T (<0.1mm /100)

Deformation after static load


Dimensional stability


Colour stability in artificial light

>5 (no damage)

Fire response

difficult to ignite

Anti-skid property

up to 0.75 dynamic friction coefficient

Standard colours (other made to order)

Black, grey, green, yellow, blue, red

Wear and tear warranty

up to 12 years