About Fortelock plastic floor

The Fortelock system for floors is made of interlocking tiles of 100 % PVC intended for both old and new floors of various qualities. The floors are made by the Fortemix company in the Czech Republic by injection moulding techniques using state-of-the-art and economical injection moulding presses and from materials ensuring high resistance to wear and tear, chemical resistance and long-term stability for the tiles.

Easy laying
independent of subfloor

Fortelock flooring is easy to install, it is typically enough to use a rubber mallet and a knife. That is why garage floors or even sports floors are completed very quickly. Moreover the subfloor does not need any preparation by trowel finishing and the flooring does not have to be bonded etc., therefore it is suitable for very quick refurbishment to the floor or as repair to the floor.

Damp-proof system Air-Flow

The bottom sides of Fortelock tiles contain a unique system of drainage channels providing moisture drainage and thus preventing problems caused by moisture in the subfloor and the occurrence of mould, e.g. for using as floors for garages or sports areas etc.

Environmentally friendly product

Standardized recycled materials, mainly from the other production procedures, are a primary ingredient in the production of Fortelock tiles and this allows primary resources to be saved. Furthermore, the tiles can be completely recycled at the end of the floor life cycle and pressed again on payment, so that the floor can serve many more years.

Up to 12-year wear and tear warranty

The company Fortemix guarantees resistance to wear and tear of Fortelock for a maximum period of 12 years from the manufacturing date (for more details, see Technical Sheet Fortelock). When maintained properly, the expected service life is 25 years.

Wide application range of Fortelock PVC floor: from schools to heavy manufacturing

Fortelock plastic tiling can be widely used in production, warehouses, rentals, as floors for garages, workshops, sports floors, floors in kids' play areas, shops, basements, laundries, car repair shops, showrooms, exhibition halls, offices etc. It can mainly be used for renewing, refurbishing and repairing floors.

Nice and colourful floor

Fortelock-tiled floors significantly dampen vibrations and footfall sound and they act as a heat insulator. Therefore, movement as well as standing on Fortelock tiles is much more comfortable than, for example, on concrete or ceramic tiles etc. The colour options of Fortelock tiles make it possible to give the rein to your imagination.

Resistance and quality

The thickness of 7 mm is why Fortelock tiles resist high and frequent loads, impacts (e.g. from a hammer), chemicals, etc. Furthermore, the quality of Fortelock plastic tiles is guaranteed in accordance with European standards, above all EN 14041 (for more details see About Producer – Fortemix Company).

The floor is easily demountable,
transferrable and easily repairable

Individual Fortelock tiles or the whole floor can be demounted and transferred to a new site as need may be, e.g. to a new rental. If damaged, it is easy to replace one tile.